Jen Zhang

Jen Zhang

Your personal relationship expert powered by therapists. AI driven support and self care tool right in your pocket.

This project was prompted by one question — How can we design for better mental health? Due to my previous research and interest on the topic of loneliness, I decided to concentrate on the topic of relationships for the reason that our relationships and our mental health are so closely linked. Through a digital relationship companion, I aim to decrease the weight an individual may carry on their shoulders when experiencing conflict in important relationships.
Happiness and energy mapping
American psychiatrist, Robert Waldinger, stated that “Good relationships keeps us happier and healthier, period.” While Brene Brown consistently preaches “Love and belonging are irreducible needs of all men, women, and children. We’re hardwired for connection—it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. The absence of love, belonging, and connection always leads to suffering.” Thus, Hana aims to be utilized by all genders and ages as we begin relationship building the moment we are born.

Whether you are experiencing conflicts in your romantic relationship, with your parental figures or family members, or your colleagues at work, Hana will map out the amount of happiness created and energy exerted within these three categories. Through your conversations together, she will help you reveal which relationships you may want to prioritize or begin re-evaluating first. The happiness and energy mapping feature relies heavily on the user’s daily input of data. This feature would require more research to understand how effective it may be. Since Hana's conceptualization spanned over the course of only a few weeks, we are only at the beginning of the minimum viable product.
Share your feelings and concerns with Hana
Upon sharing your thoughts and concerns with her, Hana asks questions to gain a better understanding on the relationships most important to you. Through your conversation history, Hana can calculate your most recurring emotions and conflicts and provide you with advice, feedback, and helpful resources. The goal is to promote relationship education and self-confidence to navigate these conflicts.
Relationship profiles
Coping methods vary from person to person. Hana’s resource library would consist of a diverse collection of quotes, books, videos, and exercises to help further encourage self-initiated help. Resource libraries situate within their associated type of relationship where you can also find trends within your mood as recorded by Hana through your conversations.

While Hana aims to be the relationship expert and companion you can depend on at a time of need, we also need to further understand the key interactions and in what order an individual may most likely take to alleviate the situation. Between spending time alone to reflect, immediately seeking a friend or family member for advice, addressing the “other” in the relationship directly, turn to religion, or others, decreasing ruminating thoughts is the first step.
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